Megger PA9Plus Portable Power Quality Analyzer

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Portable Power Quality Analyzer
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Megger PA9Plus
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PA9Plus Datasheet
The Megger PA9Plus is the latest innovation of the successful PA-9 Power Quality Analyzer platform. It incorporates newly enhanced key features including a faster Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to support continually evolving capabilities, a full 12 MB of nonvolatile internal memory and standard auxiliary power input capabilities.

To address worldwide requirements and applications, the PA9Plus is CE marked, supports several international languages, and adheres to applicable European and North American standards (EN50160, IEC61000-4-15, IEEE1159, IEEE519), including automatic phase lock loop synchronization of input frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 70 Hz, flicker measurements and recording, and out of limits/frequency trending.

The optional removable memory capabilities allows internally recorded data to be copied directly to an external standard compact flash card using the same technology available with most of today’s digital cameras. This means that without a computer on site, data can be manually or automatically copied from the instrument to external memory cards, increasing the effective instrument memory storage to the size of the card used. Similarly, new configuration setups may be programmed in the same, simple manner.

The standard software has been enhanced to fully support the new functionality and is included at no cost with every PA9Plus purchased. A new, optional report generator has also been developed to support your customized documentation/reporting needs.

The PA9Plus records power quality and power flow information simultaneously. The recorded information can be viewed via the built-in graphics display, downloaded to a computer using the serial interface and optional modem, or transferred using the optional removable Flash Memory Module.

Megger offers a comprehensive line of self-powered (no batteries required) flexible and clamp-on current probes for use with the entire PA-9 Series. If you would prefer to use your own probes, simply order the applicable Megger adapter.
Megger PA9Plus Features
  • A ruggedized, full-featured instrument measuring to worldwide power quality standards (EN50160, IEC61000-4-15, IEEE1159/519)
  • Trends voltage, current, imbalance, power, energy, events, flicker (PST/PLT), THD, TDD, individual harmonics, and frequency
  • Real-time, graphical display of harmonic content, power and source direction
  • On-site, integrated analysis and data retrieval capabilities without requiring a computer or PDA
  • Intelligent download—preview and retrieve only the information of interest
  • Remote communications and alarming capabilities
  • Includes enhanced MEGPA9IEC software for instrument configuration, communications, data retrieval and charting/reporting
Megger PA9Plus Applications
Using experience gained from supplying thousands of solid state recorders to hundreds of utilities, industrial, and service companies around the world, Megger designed the PA9Plus to be the most versatile instrument available today. The PA9Plus is Megger’s next generation analyzer, including important new features requested by our customers.

From substations, to commercial & industrial, to residential monitoring, the PA9Plus is your comprehensive “first line of defense” for analyzing and solving power quantity and power quality problems.

These high performance capabilities, combined with the latest in electronic technology, makes the PA9Plus ideal for both utility and industrial applications:
  • Analysis comparisons to worldwide PQ standards
  • Lamp flicker measurements and recordings
  • Energy audits and forecasting
  • Capacitor bank sizing
  • Load balancing
  • Power factor surveys
  • Before/after studies
  • Load profiling
  • Substation monitoring
  • Comprehensive power quality investigations
  • Billing verification
  • Motor, generator and transformer inrush current studies
  • Harmonic surveys, analysis, and filter design