Megger PFL40A Series Cable Fault Location/High Voltage Test

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Megger PFL40A 1500/2000 Cable Fault Location and High Voltage Test Solution
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Megger PFL40A
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PFL40A Datasheet
The prime objective of any cable fault location system is to provide quick, effective, accurate and safe fault location, thereby reducing system outages and customer minutes lost. The PFL40A portable fault locating systems are designed to meet this criteria.

The standard PFL40A comes as a mobile, compact system that can be further customized to meet specific local requirements. All systems offer the facility to undertake cable testing; cable and fault diagnosis; prelocation of cable faults; fault conditioning and pinpoint fault location using acoustic methods.
Megger PFL40A Features
Innovative MTDR100 Time Domain Reflectometer
  • Single knob (jog-dial) operation
  • Large easy-to-view XGA display
  • Auto ranging and cable library
Multiple Fault Locating Techniques
  • LV prelocation; Pulse Echo
  • HV prelocation; Arc Reflection, Arc Reflection Plus, Differential Arc Reflection, Impulse Current, Voltage Decay
High-Voltage module
  • HV insulation testing up to 40 kV
  • Operator defined current trips
  • Standard 3-range (4-range optional)
  • Surge output 1500 or 2000 Joule
  • Fault conditioning
  • Burn
  • Arc Reflection
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Ground Safety Module (Optional)
Megger PFL40A Applications
  • HV Testing (proof/insulation testing)
  • Fault Pre-location
  • Fault Conditioning
  • Proof/Burn
  • Pinpoint fault location