Met One 237A Portable Airborne Particle Counter

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Rent Met One 237A Portable Airborne Particle Counter
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Met One 237A
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237A Datasheet
The Met One 237A offers four modes to provide quick answers to measurement questions and allow unattended operation:
  • Manual mode: Completes one count cycle then turns the air pump off to prolong battery life.
  • Auto mode: Repeats the count cycle for the number of cycles programmed to allow unattended monitoring.
  • Concentration mode: Estimates the particle concentration within seconds.
  • Beep mode: Provides one beep after the count exceeds a selected limit, which is useful for isolating sources of particle contamination such as leaks in filter banks.

It is easy to carry the Met One 237A counter right to the point of interest and obtain quick, accurate results that you can immediately print or download using PortAll™ Version 2 Software. Additionally, particle count data can be organized, archived and graphically trended. This easy-to-use software can also be used to schedule the collection of samples by the air particle counter. A battery charge life of up to 8 hours ensures true portability and sample collection flexibility.
Met One 237A Features
  • AC or battery operation; print count results
  • 0.3 μm (237B) or 0.5 μm (237A) at 0.1 cfm (2.83 LPM) flow rate
  • 2 to 6 size channels
  • 4 counting modes
  • Use with PortAll™ Version 2 software
Met One 237A Applications
  • Monitor and verify cleanrooms
  • Test filters in place
  • Investigate particle sources
  • Monitor Laminar Air Flow (LAF), bio-hazard benches, cleanroom laundries, HVAC systems, computer rooms, food and beverage packaging, hospital pharmacies, surgery rooms, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), aerospace assembly, medical device assembly, automotive paint spray booths