Met One 3415+ Portable Airborne Particle Counter

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The MET ONE 3415+ Portable Airborne Particle Counter has integrated automatic electronic SOPs and sample maps that lessen sampling errors and the need for further training. The MET ONE 3415+ assists technicians of GMP cleanrooms in streamlining routine environmental monitoring and enhancing data integrity. The MET ONE 3415+ allows engineers to incorporate their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) periodic environmental monitoring maps and sampling setups, which are lighter and quieter than prior models. The MET ONE 3415+ features a GMP-grade audit trail that records logins, logouts, power events, sampling, electronic signatures, SOP modifications, and other crucial actions. Reviewing and approving audit events is made simple by built-in filtering and reporting. The MET ONE 3415+ has an entire 802.11b/g wireless interface with corporate grade 802.1x certificate-based authentication using WPA EAP, (PEAP, TLS, and TTLS versions), WPA2/PSK, and other security measures.