Microwave Logic ST112 Portable SONET Analyzer

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Microwave Logic ST112 SONET Analyzer
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Microwave Logic ST112 SONET Analyzer Microwave Logic ST112 SONET Analyzer
Microwave Logic ST112
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SDH/SONET Analyzer, STS-1/3, OC-1/3, OC12, DS1/VT1.5/DS3
Microwave Logic ST112 Specs
Optical Specifications (Typical)
  • OC-1/3 Tx Power Out: -10 dBm
  • OC-12 Tx Standard Power Out: -8 dBm
  • OC-12 Tx High Power Out: -4 dBm
  • OC-1/3/12 Rx Sensitivity: -30 dBm


SONET Alarms
  • Section: B1 Code Errors, OOF (Out of Frame), LOF, Frame pattern errors, LOS
  • Line: B2 Code Errors, LOP, FEBE, AIS
  • Path: B# Code Errors, AIS, Yellow, FEBE

Payload Parameters

  • VT Path: BIP-2, AIS, Path Yellow, FEBE
  • DS3 Payload: Parity and Frame errors, Bit Errors, AIS, Idle and All Ones, X-Bit
  • VT1.5 Payload: Bit Errors (PRBS or fixed word), AIS, Yellow, CRC-6, Frame errors, LOF
  • STS-3c Payload: Bit Errors

T-carrier Parameters

  • DS3: BPV, Parity, Bit and Status parameters
  • DS1: BPV, CRC, Bit and Status parameters


Performance Statistics
  • Section (B1): Total, Rate, ES, SES Total
  • Line (B2): Total, Rate, ES, SES Total
  • STS Path (B3): Total, Rate, ES, SES
  • VT Path (BIP-2): Total, Rate, ES, SES Total
  • Payload/DS3 (Bit and Parity): Rate, Total, ES, SES
  • Payload/3C (Bit Error): Rate, Total, ES


Data Communications Channel
  • Section: D1-D3, 192 kb/s
  • Line: D4-D12, 576 Kb/s


  • Local and Express handset interface


Remote Interfaces
  • RS-232C, GPIB, parallel printer ports, VT100 Terminal drivers


Physical Information
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 14.4" W x 16.5" D (152mm x 366mm x 419mm)
  • Weight: 22 lbs


  • ST-112-E3: All electrical
  • ST-112-03: Up to OC-3
  • ST-112-12: Up to OC-12 (std or high power)
  • Type 560 connectors for STS-1/DS3
  • Bantam Connectors for DS1
  • Orderwire handset
  • FC/PC, ST or SC optical connectors
  • Rack Mount
Synchronization Interfaces
  • Internal: SONET, 51.84 MHz ± 10 ppm; DS3, 44.736 MHz ± 10 ppm; DS1, 1.544 MHz ± 100 ppm
  • External: SONET, 51.84 MHz ± 100 ppm; 155.52 MHz ± 10 ppm
  • Loop Timing: Recovered Rx Clock to Transmitter
  • BITS Timing: DSX-1 input used as Tx Timing Reference



DS3 Payload

  • General: A single internally or externally generated asynchronous DS3 signal is mapped into an STS-1 payload
  • Frame Patterns: M13, C-bit, unframed
  • Payload Patterns: 223-1, 215-1, AIS, Idle, All Ones

Tributary VT1.5 Payload

  • General: A single internally or externally generated asynchronous DS1 signal is mapped into a specified STS-1 payload virtual tributary
  • Active Channel Pattern: PRBS 223-1, QRW, 3/24, 55 Octet and All Ones
  • Framing: Unframed, SF, ESF, SLC96
  • Modes: Floating, Bit Asynchronous, simplified H4 coding. Bit Synchronous Locked, Byte Floating, Byte Locked.
  • VT Pointer Justification: Positive and negative single justifications. New Data Flag (NDF) operations cause the pointer to jump to a new location.
  • Payload Structure: DS1 payload is mapped into one channel or all 28 channels

STS-c Payload: An internally generated 223-1 PRBS sequence with valid path overhead


Alarm and Error Generation
  • Section: Loss of Signal (LOS), Loss of Frame (LOF), BER, Single error inject
  • Line: Alarm Indication Signal (AIS), Far End Receive Failure (FERF), Bit Error Rate (BER), Single error inject
  • Path: Loss of Pointer (LOP), STS Path Yellow, STS Path AIS, BER, Single error inject, Far End Block Error (FEBE)
  • VT: VT LOP, VT Path Yellow, VT Path AIS, BER
  • Alarm Type: Burst or continuous. External TTL event trigger when alarm is activated.
  • Random Bit Error Injection: 1.5 x 10-3 to 10-9 rate or single
  • Bipolar Pulse Violation: 1.5 x 10-3 to 10-9 rate or single


Transport and Path Overhead Byte Modification: All of the overhead bytes, except B1-B3 and H1-H3

Pointer Control: Single positive and negative pointer justification and NDF pointer changes to any value for both SPE and VT


Frame Detection
  • STS-1: Detection based on A1, A2
  • STS-3/12 (Option): Detection based on A1, A2, A2