Mikron MikroScan 7515 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Mikron MikroScan 7515 Thermal Imaging Camera
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Mikron MikroScan 7515 Thermal Imaging Camera Mikron MikroScan 7515 Thermal Imaging Camera
LumaSense (Mikron) MikroScan 7515
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The MikroScan 7515 is an extremely lightweight, high-performance handheld IR camera. This fully-radiometric camera is ergonomically designed for comfortable one-handed point-and-shoot operation using an intuitive keypad located on the top of the viewfinder. Completely self-contained in a splash-proof metal case, it is battery operated, uses advanced uncooled UFPA microbolometer technology, and stores images and data to compact flash memory cards.
LumaSense (Mikron) MikroScan 7515 Specs
Temperature Range -40° C to 500° C
Field of View 29° (H) x 22° (V)
Focus Range 50 cm to infinity
Instantaneous FOV 1.58 mrad
Spectral Band 8.0 to 14.0
Image Update Rate 30 Frames/sec or 60 Frames/sec
Sensitivity Setup 0.2° C to 20° C/Div
Emissivity Setting Auto based on operator input
Emissivity Correction 0.10 to 1.00 (0.01 step)
Ambient Correction Provided
Ambient Compensation Inputs for distance, atmospheric temperature, and relative humidity
Background Compensation Provided
Measurement Function Run/Freeze
S/N Improvement 2 (Fast) 8 (Normal)
Image Zoom 2:1, 4:1 (with spatial filtering)
A/D Resolution 14 bit
Display Color Color/Monochrome, Pos/Neg (16, 32, 64, 128, 256 grades) 4 palettes available
Image Processing Functions Level change during freeze, sense change during freeze, point temperature display, point emissivity correction, digital zoom x2 and x4, spatial filter
Data Display Range, measurement mode, point temperature, time, and error message
Communication Interface RS-232C
Video Output NTSC / PAL, Composite Video, S-Video
Data Memory 16 MB Compact Flash memory