Konica Minolta CM-2002 Spectrophotometer 0 - 240 VAC, 350 VA, 45 Hz - 65 Hz

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Konica Minolta CM-2002 Spectrophotometer
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Minolta CM-2002
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CM-2002 Datasheet
The Konica Minolta CM-2002 spectrophotometer uses a pulsed xenon arc light bulb, which illuminates a round aperture 0.8 cm in diameter. The light reflection is focused on a silicon photodiode and measures the wavelength range between 400 and 700 nm (in 10-nm steps) and the L* a* b* (lightness, red/green and yellow/blue chromaticity coordinate) values.
Minolta CM-2002 Features
  • Reflective Measurements, SCI (Specular Component Included)
  • Scattered light Measurements, SCE (Specular Component Excluded)
  • Diffuse Illumination, 8° geometry
  • Conforms to ISO, DIN, and ASTM standards
  • 400 nm - 700 nm range, 10 nm steps
  • Hand held directly on mirror surface