Konica Minolta CS-100A Chroma Meter

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Minolta CS-100A
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Manual CS-100A Datasheet
Use the Konica Minolta CS-100A Chroma Meter and you can get accurate measurements on any light source. You can even get accurate measurements on equipment like xenon lamps and traffic lights. The portable tristimulus color meter can also be used to measure chromacity and luminance remotely. With remote measurements, the acceptance angle is 1 degree. Ergonomics and efficiency of use with the portable CS-100A Chroma Meter aligns perfectly in regards to luminance and color spot measurements. Ease of use and high accuracy are obtained whether measuring brightness or color of light.
Minolta CS-100A Features
  • Fully mobile and portable
  • In addition to a compact body, the CS-100A benefits from a lightweight 890g design (not including batteries). As a portable, battery-powered device, it can be freely carried to any location where measurements are to be made.
  • Measurements are made entirely without contact.
  • The single-lens-reflex design allows objects in the viewfinder to be brought into focus so that accurate measurements may be made from any remote location within the measurement range.
  • Converts the color of the indicated area to numerical values
  • The color of the viewed object inside the measuring area can be measured quickly without the influence of outside areas.
  • Support for measurement of extremely small surfaces
  • With its small acceptance angle, the CS-100A can support measurement diameters down to 14.4mm (at a distance of 1,014mm); furthermore, when an optional close-up lens is attached, support can be extended to measurement diameters as small as 1.3mm (at a distance of 209mm).
  • Two-way RS-232C communication
  • Featuring an RS-232C interface as standard, this luminance meter can connect with a PC to send measurement data and receive control signals.
  • Color-difference measurement
  • Once a target color has been set (by direct numerical input or measurement), color-difference measurements can be made to conveniently perform color management.
  • Calibration to a user reference for reduced error
  • The CS-100A can be calibrated to user reference light sources to enable differences in displayed values in the vicinity of a specific color to be eliminated when using multiple devices.
  • Support for remote control and data processing
Minolta CS-100A Applications
  • Chromaticity and luminance measurements of LEDs and other small light sources.
  • Chromaticity and luminance measurements of tungsten and fluorescent lamps.
  • Surface color measurements of freshly painted walls and other surfaces that cannot be touched.
  • Surface color measurements of complex shapes and items that cannot be touched for reasons of hygiene.
  • Chromaticity and luminance measurements of traffic signals.
  • Chromaticity and luminance measurements of color TV sets.
  • Luminance measurements of monochrome TV sets.
  • Chromaticity and luminance measurements of video projectors.