Konica Minolta LM-1 Luminance Meter

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Konica Minolta LM-1 Luminance Meter
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Minolta LM-1
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Luminance Meter
Minolta LM-1 Specs
Type Reflex-viewing spot-reading automatic/manual luminance meter
Measuring method Reflected light by silicon photo cell with 1° angle of acceptance
Viewing System Focusing through-the-lens reflex type
Objective lens 85 mmf / 2.9
Angle of view Circular 9° with central 1° marked circle
Magnification 2.96X focused at infinity
Focusing 1m (3.3 ft.) to infinity by objective single helicoid; eyepiece adjustable from 4.6 to ±2.7 diopters
Minimum measuring area ø15 mm at 1m (ø2.4 mm with close-up lenses)
Response time Automatic: Approx. 3 sec. from 0.01 to 99900
Manual: Approx. 2 sec. from 001 to 999
Analog: 90% within 0.4 sec.
Calibration C.I.E. standard
Spectral-sensitivity error Within ±2% or C.I.E. relative photopic luminosity curve
Accuracy Within ±4% of C.I.E. standard, ±1 digit in last display position
Screen-flicker accuracy within 1% of average luminance with projection cycle of more than 72 Hz and a duty of 70% (projector at 24 fps)
Influence of flare Less than 1.5% from outside the 1°angle of acceptance
Analog output Output voltage: 1v over full scale
Output impedance 10 k ohms