Konica Minolta T-1 Illuminance Meter

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Rent, lease, or rent to own Konica Minolta T-1 Illuminance Meter
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Rent, lease, or rent to own Konica Minolta T-1 Illuminance Meter Rent, lease, or rent to own Konica Minolta T-1 Illuminance Meter
Minolta T-1
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T-1 Datasheet
The Konica Minolta T-1 Illuminance Meter offers excellent light-measuring capabilities with superb accuracy and simple operation. This is achieved by combining a silicon photocell with a microprocessor for compact, lightweight design. Their convenience and portability are invaluable for the control of lighting in industrial and recreational areas, as well as in laboratory and environmental control applications.

Measuring time can be adjusted for accurate readings of both continuous and flickering light sources. Illuminance deviation between sources can also be determined, or integrated illuminance over a period of time can be calculated. Three models are available, offering different features to meet any user requirement. Minolta Illuminance Meters are ideal for measuring illumination and exposure levels in a wide variety of industrial, recreational, and scientific applications. The Minolta Model T-1 Illuminance Meter, with a metering range of 0.01 to 99,900 lux (0 .001 to 9,990 ft-C), is ideal for measurements in most situations.
Three modes of operation:
  • Illuminance metering of continuous or flickering light sources possible by adjusting response time
  • Illumination can also be integrated over a period of time, with both the total illuminance and time period displayed
  • Two different sources of illumination can be compared by using the meter's memory
Minolta T-1 Features
  • Illuminance measured in lux or ft-cd.
  • Range can be automatically selected by meter, or user can select on of five fixed ranges.
  • Zero calibration is quick and convenient, and display reminds user that calibration is necessary.
  • Custom-designed liquid-crystal display clearly shows meter reading and other essential information.