Konica Minolta TV-2150 TV Color Analyzer II

Konica MinoltaTV-2150 TV Color Analyzer II
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Minolta TV-2150
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TV-2150 Datasheet

The Minolta TV-2150 TV-Color Analyzer II combines electronic technology with years of experience in photometry and colorimetry. It is ideal for objective white-balance measurement and color adjustment of television sets, computer monitors, and video projectors, and also for prototype testing of new products. Luminance and chromaticity can be measured in addition to primary beam intensities.

In chroma mode, any white standard or reference color can be input directly in Yxy units thus eliminating the need for white masters or comparators. In analyzer mode, primary beam measurements simplify setting white balance by allowing the user to individually adjust the red, blue, and green intensities of any CRT. Microcomputer processing of data and both analog and digital displays further increase the ease of operation.
Minolta TV-2150 Features
  • Two modes of operation
    • Chroma mode can be used to measure luminance and chromaticity in terms of Yxy
    • Analyzer mode can be used to measure primary beam intensities with respect to any user-selected white standard or reference color
  • Two types of display
    • Three 3-figure digital displays allow precise measurements
    • Three 10-segment analog bar graphs clearly show deviation from a white standard or reference color
  • Two types of memory
    • Four color channels for storing white standards and reference colors
    • Four CRT channels for storing monitor phosphor characteristics
  • Luminance can be measured in either Cd/m2 (nt) or ft-L
  • Zero calibration is easy and meter reminds user when to calibrate
  • Meter automatically checks itself when turned on and indicates any problems
  • Battery back-up and key-lock switch prevent memory loss
  • Additional features include a chart of CIE Standard Illuminant values on top of meter; an RS-232C data output terminal for connection to a separate data processor
Minolta TV-2150 Specs
Luminance range 0.6 - 200 cd/m2 (O.2 - 58 ft-L)
Color memory 4 channels
Beam standard green
Color space Yxy
Minolta TV-2150 Applications
  • Measurement of chromaticity and white balance of television sets, computer monitors, and video projectors
  • Determination of color differences between CRTs
  • Adjustment of chromaticity and while balance of television sets and monitors to industry standard or user reference