Konica Minolta XY-DC/XY-1 Chroma Meter

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Konica Minolta XY-DC/XY-1 Chroma Meter
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Minolta XY-DC / XY-1
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Chroma Meter
Minolta XY-DC / XY-1 Specs
Type Hand-held light-source/object colorimeter with CIE-standard digital readout by liquid-crystal display and microprocessor; multiple uses and interfacing
Receptor 3 silicon photo cells (respectively filtered to detect primary stimulus values for blue, green, and red light) under shielded integrating flat opal diffuser; receptor head detachable
Spectral response Closely approximates CIE colorimetric Standard Observer curves
Measuring Functions Chromaticity and illuminance of light sources or objects by reflected or transmitted light, color temperature of tungsten sources
Measurement Readouts 1.) Chromaticity coordinates (x, y) calculated automatically
2.) Illuminance (Y) value in lx (lux)
3.) Color temperature in K (Kelvins) calculated automatically
Measuring Range 10 lx to 200,000 lx
Temperature Range 0 °C to 40 °C