Mitutoyo CB-41 Contracer

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Mitutoyo CB-41 Contracer
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Mitutoyo CB-41
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The Mitutoyo Contracer CB-41 is a machine designed for maneuverability and efficiency in measuring contour.
Mitutoyo CB-41 Features
  • Provides completely synchronized recording. Completely synchronized recording
    is possible in chart rest operation as well as in chart flow operation.
  • Free from arc error in recording contour. Due to the linear motion mechanism for
    stylus up/down travel, it becomes possible to obtain arc error-free recording on rest
    chart as well as flowing chart.
  • Possible to measure even on the sharp inclination Possible to measure the
    workpiece in backward or in forward direction of stylus traverse over a sharp inclination.
  • Possible to measure top and bottom surface. The stylus is reversible for measuring
    bottom surface as well as top surface with no difference in performance.
  • Safety device is included for protecting the stylus and other mechanism Safety device
    built-in the drive mechanism works to stop the stylus feeding when an excessive force is
    applied on the stylus/measuring arm.
  • Possible to set the Z-axis travel range for the stylus Stylus up/down travel range is
    possible to limit in conformity with the part feature to be measured, thereby avoiding
    damage due to the interference between the workpiece and the stylus/measuring arm.