Mitutoyo CRYSTA-APEX S574 Coordinate Measuring Machine

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The Mitutoyo CRYSTA-APEX S574 is a high-performance, cost effective CNC coordinate measuring machines designed to deliver high accuracy and high motion stability at an affordable price. Mitutoyo S574 coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) gather dimensional data by sensing points on an object's surface via a crystal-tipped probe. The CRYSTA-APEX S series distinguishes itself from conventional CMMs with its temperature compensation system, which guarantees measurement accuracy within 60.8 to 78.8 °F (16 to 26 °C) by applying thermal compensation based on 68 °F (20 °C). More features that set CRYSTA-APEX S units apart from the competition include compatible vision and scanning probe technology, which ensures flexible and effective measurements, and multi-sensors capabilities.

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