Monarch Nova-Strobe PB Phaser-Strobe

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The Phaser-Strobe incorporate the unique design features of the Nova-Strobe Family and has an increased operating range of 30 to 32,500 flashes per minute, the highest available. It also has true external Phase Shifting throughout the complete operating range, based on a reference signal from an external sensor. The Phaser-Strobe can multiply or divide the flash rate by two with the press of a button, quickly identifying the basic speed and harmonics. The unique digital adjustment knob of Phaser-Strobe can select the decade for adjustments, so coarse and fine adjustments of flash rates are made quickly and with significantly better resolution than competitive units. The memory feature of the Phaser-Strobe allows three frequencies to be stored in memory, accelerating measurements that require the use of several different flash rates which can be displayed in both flashes per minute or flashes per second. Phaser-Strobes operate with internal rechargeable batteries. They may also be used with an external battery pack or operated continuously from line power with the available Power Supply/Battery Charger.