Multidyne TS-12 Handheld NTSC Test Signal Generator

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Multidyne TS-12 Handheld NTSC Test Signal Generator
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Multidyne TS-12
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TS-12 Datasheet

The Multidyne TS12 is ideal for testing Broadcast TV, Electronic News Gathering, Sporting Events, Cable TV, Telephone, Distance Learning, Teleconferencing, Satellite, Fiber Optics, CCTV and Production systems. The TS12 test signal generator will perform the necessary FCC CATV In-band, Differential Phase, Gain and Delay Tests meeting today's requirements.

The TS-12 has 12 NTSC video test signals, 16 message user programmable character generator and 3 frequencies of stereo audio tone. The TS12 offers 12 precision test signals, a dedicated black burst output, character and spoken audio source ID and stereo audio tone in a handheld or rack-mounted package. The NTSC test signals include SMPTE Color Bars, FCC Multiburst, Multipulse, 5 MHz Line Sweep, NTC-7 Composite and Combination plus many others. The character generator produces 16 battery-backed messages of 32 characters each. The balanced stereo audio generator provides 3 frequencies of tone with a right channel ID and a Lip-sync audio and video synchronizing signal. The TS12 and will operate on AC with an external supply, external 6-20 VDC, and 4 AA cell batteries for up to 12 hours, allowing use anywhere.

Multidyne TS-12 Features
  • FCC Cable Ready
  • 5 MHz Sweep
  • (SIN X)/X
  • Multipulse
  • NTC-7 Comp. & Comb.
  • Multiburst
  • SMPTE Bars
Multidyne TS-12 Specs
Video Generation 8 bits, digital
Number of Video Test Signals 12
Character ID Gen. with Battery RAM 16 messages, 32 characters
Number of Frequencies of Audio Tone 3, balanced, stereo