NDT Systems BondaScope 3100 Bond Tester

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The NDT Systems BondaScope 3100 Bond Tester is portable and multi-mode compatible. This tester is designed to inspect a variety of composite materials for defects. Useful for analyzing integrity of composites and adhesively bonded structures, it works on both glass fiber and carbon fire composites. The NDT Systems BondaScope 3100 can work on complex subjects as well such as sandwich constructions consisting of various skin and core materials. Delaminations, disbonds, skin to core flaws, far-side defects, liquid ingress, and impact damage are all quickly detected.

The NDT Systems BondaScope 3100 is packaged with an AC charger, Li-Ion battery pack, hard-shelled carrying case, data transfer package, operator manual, and certification of calibration. Various modes such as resonance, pitch-catch, mechanical impedance analysis, tone burst, and swept frequency provide in-depth data to further assess the analyzed materials. Visual and alarm options provide additional ways to test objects especially when working in a complex testing area.