Fluke 1T10/100 One Touch Network Assistant

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Fluke 1T10/100 One Touch Network Assistant
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NetScout Systems 1T10-100
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OneTouch Network Assistant, 10/100
NetScout Systems 1T10-100 Features
  • Enables frontline network troubleshooters to complete moves, adds and changes quickly and correctly
  • Provides a graphical representation of the network segment from the desktop, through the cabling, all the way to local servers and routers
  • Verifies proper operation of connectors, cabling, hub link pulse and server connectivity
  • Network Advice feature increases frontline effectiveness and accelerates problem identification by providing situation-specific information
  • Lightweight, portable, and rugged and easily upgraded


Troubleshooting Network Connections

Is the problem in the cabling, the adapter card or the network? The OneTouch Network Assistant conclusively locates the source of the network problem through an extensive set of cable, hub, adapter card and network tests.


Cable Tests

The OneTouch Network Assistant provides standard cable tests such as measuring cable length and identifying shorts, opens and split pairs. It generates a wiremap for the cable if appropriate and even measures optical loss and power output on single-mode and multimode cable when used with Fluke Fiber Test Kit.


End Closet Confusion

OneTouch Network Assistant NIC (Network Interface Card) Detector test. This test helps you reclaim hub ports that are no longer used but still have a cable attached.


Verify Isolated Problems

The OneTouch Network Assistant also supports a NIC Autotest that isolates adapter card hardware and driver problems by proving that a card can successfully transmit and receive frames. The Hub Test verifies correct operation of the hub by checking link pulse, signal level and the hub's ability to send and receive frames.


Network Health Statistics
  • Graphical presentation of network health statistics
  • Network health statistics include top senders, top protocols, utilization rate, collision rate and error
  • Identifies the following errors: bad FCS, short frames, late collisions and jabber
NetScout Systems 1T10-100 Specs
Media Access 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX
Cable Tests Length (.9m [3ft] dead zone), wiremap, split pairs
Ports Hub / NIC connector (RJ45)
Wiremap connector (RJ45)
RS-232C PC / Printer port (DB9)
Printers Used HP LaserJet series
Keyboard Icon-based user interface on touchscreen display
Battery Removable / rechargeable NiMH battery
Dimensions 8.7" x 4.65" x 2.48"
Weight 1.7 lb