NetScout Versiv OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant

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Rent NetScout Versiv OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant
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NetScout Systems 1T10G-1000
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1T10G-1000 Datasheet
Troubleshoot copper and fiber optic Ethernet problems from client devices to cloud-hosted services - even when you are not there. Troubleshoot persistent problems and validate network performance in real-time. Troubleshoot intermittent problems and assess performance over time with 24/7 automated testing and cloud-based trend analysis.

Ensure that critical network links meet SLA objectives and are ready for new high-bandwidth applications by measuring end-to-end path performance. Measure throughput, frame loss, latency and jitter within sites and data centers and across wide and local area networks. Test at rates up to 10 Gbps over copper or fiber optic links when the OneTouch AT 10G tester is paired with an OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet. Test at rates up to 1 Gbps when the tester is paired with another OneTouch AT tester or a LinkRunner AT 2000 tester.

Troubleshoot common issues—or prove that the network is not the cause—by emulating a client device and measuring how the end device experiences the network. Measure the performance of critical network elements: cabling, switches, routers, servers and server-based services and applications. Trend results to the cloud for an understanding of performance over time. Trending runs automatically, untethering the user from the tester. Long duration testing is invaluable when trying to troubleshoot sporadic, intermittent problems that frequently occur when network support staff is away. Use the OneTouch AT Cloud Service to view and analyze trended results. Also use the cloud service to remotely control the tester and access saved files.

Complete an hour of testing in about a minute with the one-touch AutoTest. An AutoTest is a set of tests tailored to your network, services, and applications. An AutoTest can be simple with only a few tests or advanced consisting of dozens of tests. Once created, an AutoTest can be saved for quick and easy reuse later. Use an AutoTest to establish best practices for consistent, faster, more productive troubleshooting and network acceptance testing.
NetScout Systems 1T10G-1000 Features
  • 10 Gigabit: built-in 100/1G/10G copper and 1G/10G fiber optic test ports for troubleshooting and performance measurement
  • All-in-one: a handheld tester combining infrastructure, network service and end-to-end path performance measurement in one tool
  • Accurate: create and save site-specific test profiles that emulate how client devices experience the network, including local, intranet and cloud-based services
  • Consistent: everyone on the team uses the same preconfigured test profiles to encourage standardization and best practices
  • Fast: all tests within a profile are run and graded automatically with the touch of a button, enabling identification of the most common problems in about a minute
  • Pre-deployment: measure end-to-end path performance prior to the deployment of new services or network infrastructure to assess network readiness
  • Post-deployment: measure end-to-end path performance to validate the performance of newly installed network infrastructure and critical network links within the LAN or data center
  • Independent: verify independently that service providers are meeting agreed upon service levels (SLAs) and maintaining QoS end-to-end
  • Trends: see how performance varies over time by uploading and viewing results in the cloud using the companion OneTouch AT Cloud Service.