NetScout Network Assistant / LAN Analyzer - LinkRunner Duo Option

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NetScout Network Assistant / LAN Analyzer - LinkRunner Duo
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NetScout Network Assistant / LAN Analyzer - LinkRunner Duo NetScout Network Assistant / LAN Analyzer - LinkRunner Duo
NetScout Systems LinkRunner Duo
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LinkRunner Duo Datasheet

NetScout's LinkRunner Duo CE Pocket Carrier Ethernet Test Set reduces costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Stop the guesswork when troubleshooting new circuits. Quickly verify link integrity and signal strength. Use PING to verify connectivity to expected devices, response time, and VLAN settings. Find customer issues such as speed and duplex mismatches, authentication and addressing problems, and bad ports on copper or fiber.

Get more out of your test sets by using LinkRunner Duo CE as a remote target for performance testers such as the Fluke Networks MetroScope™ and those from other manufacturers. It supports RFC 2544 and ProVision™ tests including multiple streams, and Q-in-Q on Layer 1, 2, or 3 networks.
NetScout Systems LinkRunner Duo Features
  • Link Verification of Fiber and Copper Circuits at 10/100/1000MBps – Quickly determine if the circuit is up or not
  • Performance Testing with MetroScope and other Popular Test Sets – Use as a remote device for ProVision (copyright), RFC 2544 and other performance tests
  • Layer 1,2, and 3 Loopback – configurable loop back to filter frame type and swap MAC and/or IP addresses. Manual or DHCP IP configuration
  • Fiber Power Measurements – Make sure that the incoming signal meets requirements
  • Ping Testing – Measure availability and response performance for key devices or URLs
  • VLAN Verification – Configurable VLAN and priority settings
  • Designed for the Field – Small, lightweight (10 oz.), batter operated and rugged. Operates for over three hours with a removable Li-ion battery pack, four AA batteries, AC or optional car charger (optional).
  • CPE and Cable Testing