Newport VW-3636-OPT-714010 Vibration Isolation Table

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Rent Newport VW-3636-OPT-714010 Vibration Isolation Table
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Newport VW-3636-OPT-714010
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The Newport VW-3636-OPT-714010 Vibration Isolation Table provides an ideal working platform for vibration influenced devices such as interferometers, microscopes, and balances. Sensitive instruments such as these will show significant improvements in resolution and repeatability when isolated from floor motion by the VW series pneumatic suspension system.

Special care was taken to ensure excellent performance in the 20-50 Hz floor vibration frequency range corresponding to dominant ambient vibration frequencies, especially those common to multi-floor buildings. The modular pneumatic isolators provide excellent protection against both vertical and horizontal floor motions.
Newport VW-3636-OPT-714010 Specs
System includes: Floor stand with independent leveling feet for each leg, three automatic leveling valves, selection of tables tops and a choice of isolators.
Isolator natural frequencies at 40 psi (2.8 kg/cm2): Vertical: <2.5 Hz
Horizontal: <2.5 Hz
Required air pressure: 75 psi (5.3 kg/cm2) at max. rated load
Maximum allowed air pressure: 125 psi (8.9 kg/cm2)
Recommended maximum operating load (in addition to top):
Standard isolators 0–260 lb. (0–120 kg)
Heavy load isolators 120–800 lb.(55–350 kg)
No isolators 2000 lb.
Shelf loading (6x36 in.) 20 lb.
(10x36 in.) 35 lb.
(14x36 in.) 45 lb.
(21x36 in.) 70 lb.
Leveling feet adjustment range: ±0.375 in. (±10 mm)
Table Top
Working Surface
3/16 in. magnetic stainless steel
Core Thickness 4 in.
Mounting Holes yes (sealed)
Damping yes
Flatness over 2ft. ±0.004 in.