Newtons4th PSM1700 PsimetriQ Frequency Response Analyzer

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The Newtons4th PSM1700 PsimetriQ is a comprehensive DFT and true RMS analysis instrument for R&D and production test applications. PSM1700 PsimetriQ frequency response analyzers offer a frequency range of 10µHz to 1MHz and a gain accuracy of 0.02dB at 1kHz. Designed with a 320 x 240 LCD screen, PSM1700 PsimetriQ instruments provide clear, bright graphics that display real time values, graphs, or tables. PSM1700 models can be completely operated by remote control over RS232 or LAN. Newtons4th PSM1700 units are compatible with IAI (Impedance Analysis Interface) which allows PSM units to become a high accuracy 1MHz Impedance Analyzer/ LCR meter. Users rely on PSM1700 PsimetriQ bench top instruments for optimum performance, speed of measurement and convenience.