NH Research 4100 Modular DC Electronic Load 450 Volts, 60 Amps, 300 Watts

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The NH Research 4100 Modular DC Electronic Load 450 V, 60 A, 300 W was designed for use within the S300 Power Subsystem. This highly versatile load may be used in any combination together with DC sources within the same 6-slot chassis. The use of such wide-capability modular load yields more flexibility, less rack space, and lower cost than an assortment of loads each having limited voltage and current range. To cover the full spectrum of supply-under-test output voltages, the Model 4100 load operates at full current from 2.1 to 450 V. In the constant current mode, the load has three ranges in order to assure the necessary low-end resolution for both set and measurement values.