NH Research 4350 Digitizing DC Load

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The NH Research 4350 Digitizing DC Load Has Been Replaced By Newer Models.

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The Model 4350 Digitizing DC Loads are ideal for avionics-quality testing of multiple-output DC power supplies where simultaneous measurement of all outputs, including waveform captures, is necessary. The Loads are also ideal for high volume, multiple UUT testing of such items as adapters, chargers and LED drivers, where up to 16 units maybe tested in a single pass.

As a result of designing all 3 sizes of loads to utilize a common 16-slot mainframe, a new level of configuration flexibility is achieved. There are now 25 different combinations of loads that can be configured. Should the initial load selection ever need an updating, physically changing the configuration can be accomplished by convenient front-chassis-access or virtually through software paralleling of the existing loads. From 16 of the 150W loads to the 4 of the 600W loads or any combination in between, meeting a wide variety of UUT loading demands within the 2400W mainframe rating has never been easier.