Nicolet Odyssey Data Acquisition System

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Nicolet Odyssey Data Acquisition System
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Nicolet Odyssey Data Acquisition System Nicolet Odyssey Data Acquisition System
Nikon Odyssey
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This benchtop system accepts up to four acquisition cards and up to 8 signal conditioners with a maximum 32 channels.

The OD-100 acquisition card is tailored for continuous or triggered recording up to 20kHz bandwidth with powerful real-time analysis capability. The OD-200 card is ideal for high-speed transient applications as well as wideband continuous recording. It captures transients in memory at maximum digitizer rate and spools them to disk, allowing virtually unlimited triggered segments.
Nikon Odyssey Specs
  OD-100 OD-200
Typical Applications Transducers, mechanical, audio, power Ultrasound, pyroshock, switchgear test
Analog Channels 8 4
Inputs 100kS/s, 16-bit per ch from sig. cond. cards 10MS/s, 14-bit per ch. from OD-200 amp cards. Oversampled to 16-bits at rates <5MS/s
High-speed Transient Memory N/A 2MS or 10MS/ch
Continuous Storage Rate to Disk 100kS/s all ch 500kS/s all ch, 1MS/s 2 ch
20kS/ch each event Up to full disk size
Disk Storage 8GB (440MS/ch) 36GB (3.6GS/ch)
Recording Time,
all ch max rate
75 minutes 120 minutes
Real-time math
and parameters
Yes No
Real-time scope,
XY, FFT display
No Yes
Counter/Timer 1  
Digital Inputs 8 8