NOVA 7460 Series Portable Engine Exhaust Analyzer

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NOVA 7460 Series Portable Engine Exhaust Analyzers perform simultaneous measurements of the gases typically found in the exhaust from internal combustion engines. The NOVA 7460 Series is available in six versions and detects CO, CO2, and HC with a dual-wavelength infrared detector. O2 and NOx (as NO) are detected by customer-replaceable electrochemical sensors. If NO2 analysis is selected for the NOVA 7460 Series, this is also by electro-chemical sensor. The 7460 Series Analyzers come complete with built in sampling pump, flow meter, automatic condensate removal, filters, PTFE liquid block, 12 ft. (4 m) sampling hose, and stainless steel probe. Also included are a cigarette lighter socket and remote printer actuator button for printer based models. All detector outputs are displayed on separate front panel digital meters. Optional built in printer available.