Olympus (Panametrics) 22DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

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Olympus 22DL
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The Olympus (Panametrics) 22DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage is a state-of-the art, hand-held ultrasonic thickness gage. This precision microprocessor-based instrument uses pulse-echo techniques to measure material thickness when both sides of the test material are not easily accessible. It can also measure sound velocity and pulse transit time in most solids and liquids.

The 22DL has an internal data logger that can store up to 1000 thickness measurements. The user tags each measurement reading with an identification number ranging between 1 and 19999. The identification number represents a physical location, as determined by the user. The instrument increments the identification numbers automatically for each reading, or the user can access any number randomly. This allows for easy review of the stored thickness readings for each location.

The 22DL also comes equipped with an RS-232 communications port. This allows for interface with a computer or printer to off-load thickness readings, or to remotely setup and calibrate the 22DL from a host computer.


  • Differential mode that allows the thickness reading to be displayed as the difference between a measured thickness and a programmed reference value.
  • Display resolution that can be programmed from the keyboard
  • Display HOLD/BLANK mode that allows the thickness reading either to be held for 10 seconds or immediately blanked after each measurement
  • Internal self-test modes that the user may access with the keyboard.
  • Optional oscilloscope outputs.
  • A sealed keyboard that is color-coded and provides tactile and audible feedback
  • Semi-automatic calibration using the keyboard
  • Measurement in either English or metric units with instant conversion between English and metric units.
  • Readings displayed on a high contrast liquid crystal display
  • Ability to send single reading or all stored data to a computer or a printer.
  • Keyboard programmable baud rate and other communication parameters.