Olympus 25 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

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The Olympus (Panametrics) 25 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter is a hand-held ultrasonic precision thickness gauge. This precision microprocessor-based instrument uses pulse-echo techniques to measure material thickness when both sides of the test material are not easily accessible. The gauge also measures sound velocity and pulse transit time in most solids and liquids.

The Model 25 uses three modes of operation with contact, delay line, and immersion transducers. It also includes a feature called Application Auto-Recall, which allow both Standard Default and Custom Stored Application Setups. In general, one of the seven Default Transducer Setups is adequate for most applications. However, if your application requires a special setup, the Model 25 offers five Custom Setup locations that may be programmed by the user.

The Model 25 is equipped with a serial communications port for connecting the gauge to either a DOS PC Scope program or WIN25 PC Scope software. Both programs allow the user to make adjustments to transducer setups while viewing the RF Waveforms.