Olympus (Panametrics) 25DL Plus Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage

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The Olympus (Panametrics) 25DL Plus Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage provides cost-effective solutions in applications where the opposite side of the test material is difficult or impossible to reach. An important benefit of this handheld unit is its ability to make thickness measurements on many materials in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A large Liquid Crystal Display displays both the live ultrasound waveform and the thickness reading. Operation of this handheld gauge is intuitive with a color-coded keypad and direct-access number keys. One of the many unique features of this gauge, Application Auto-Recall, allows the user to select and recall any of the stored standard or custom transducer setups in the gauge's memory. This permits easy switching among our full line of contact, delay line, and immersion transducers to solve an almost infinite number of measurement problems.