Olympus (Panametrics) 35DL Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage

Rent Olympus (Panametrics) 35DL Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage
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Olympus 35DL
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The Olympus (Panametrics) 35DL Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage provides easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions in applications where the opposite side of the test material is difficult or impossible to reach. This rugged, pocket-sized gage makes stable, repeatable thickness measurements on most materials of varied shapes and sizes. Accurate thickness measurements are displayed in large numerals on the backlit LCD or can be viewed along with the live waveform in the optional A-scan Mode.

The 35DL can use transducers ranging from 2.25 to 30 MHz, which means that this versatile gage can solve the majority of thickness gaging applications, from very thin to very thick. In general, transducers with higher frequencies and smaller diameters allow measurements of thinner or curved parts and enhance the accuracy of the measurement.


  • Velocity and Reduction Rate measurements
  • Wide thickness range from 0.0030" to 25.0" (0.08 mm to 635.0 mm) depending on material
  • Uses contact, delay line, and immersion transducers
  • Application Auto-Recall with default and custom setups
  • Hand-held; weighs only 8.5 oz.(0.24 kg)
  • Min/Max Mode
  • Hi-Low alarm
  • English and metric display (inches/mm)
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Long battery life