The OMICRON CP AL1 Fast Fourier Transformation Voltmeter is used in conjunction with the CPC 100 and CP CU1 to measure step and contact voltages. The CPC 100 and CP CU1 can be used to feed signals into power lines or overhead lines to simulate fault currents. Step and contact voltages are now easy to measure at various locations using the mobile CP AL1 handheld device. The CP AL1 FFT Voltmeter is supplied with special OMICRON software that enables measurement of frequency-selective voltage levels through the use of a real-time zoom FFT. The standardized 1 kΩ testing resistors for body and shoe resistance, as prescribed by relevant standards, are already fitted in the connection adapter of the CP AL1. This allows uncomplicated measurement of step and contact voltages as per the DIN VDE 0101 regulation.