OMICRON CP TC12 12 kV Oil Test Cell for Insulating Fluids

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Rent OMICRON CP TC12 12 kV, 300 mA  Oil Test Cell for Insulating fluids: power / dissipation factor (tan δ)
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The OMICRON CP TC12 oil test cell precisely determines the dielectric constant, the dissipation factor (tan δ) and the power factor of insulating liquids such as transformer oil. This allows signs of ageing in the oil to be documented. The CP TC12 is used in conjunction with the CPC 100 and CP TD1 to measure tangent delta / power factor and permittivity of insulation liquids, e.g. transformer oil. The three-electrode design with guard allows precise measurement, especially of small losses. The circular electrodes are constructed from rigid stainless steel and require a sample of 1.2 to 2 liters / 41 to 68 fl.oz. Electrical connection to the Test Cell is made using the standard cables provided with the CP TD1.
OMICRON CP TC12 Features
  • Small case dimensions (22 x 25 cm/ 8.6 x 9.8 in) and lightweight (approx. 6 kg/13 lbs.)
  • Tests voltages up to 12 kVeff