Omniverter 60A Voltage Sag Generator

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The Omniverter 60A Voltage Sag Generator operates through two cabinets: a control cabinet and a 3-phase transformer cabinet. The Omniverter 60A's Sage software can run on the customer's computer for sag generator control, data capture, and viewing. This generator provides investigators a quick way to identify weak links in a process by injecting voltage sags of known, controlled magnitude and duration, while monitoring the response of the process.

The Omniverter 60A Voltage Sag Generator helps engineers quickly characterize process components from a simple relay to complex programmable logic controllers and equipment in industrial facilities such as HVAC, semiconductor tools, machine tools, lighting or even entire process lines. Its built-in data acquisition system automatically captures voltages, currents and other user connected signals during induced sag events. The Omniverter Voltage Sag Generator can perform tests for multiple common standards.