Optical Gaging Products Inc. Smartscope Zip 250

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Rent Optical Gaging Products Inc. Smartscope Zip 250
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Rent Optical Gaging Products Inc. Smartscope Zip 250 Rent Optical Gaging Products Inc. Smartscope Zip 250 Rent Optical Gaging Products Inc. Smartscope Zip 250
Optical Gaging Products Smartscope Zip
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Smartscope Zip Datasheet
Speed: ZIP's DSP technology provides fast stage speed and smooth acceleration for the shortest cycle times and highest throughput.

Accuracy: A heavy duty cast base with Y axis center drive and the patented AccuCentrkru auto-calibrating zoom lens combine to create an extremely accurate benchtop platform.

Software: Your choice of the latest popular OGP, full-featured 32 bit metrology software - MeasureMind Plus or Measure-X™. Both have ample functions for general purpose dimensional measurement and easy-to-learn user interfaces. Optional software includes complete 3D functionality with MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor, SmartCAD 11 for CAD import/export, MeasureFit 10 contour analysis software, SmartReport~ Plus custom report generator, MeasureMenuM shop floor user interface software, QC-Cak™ for SPC,and IQ-FormFittM for 3D fitting.

Flexibility: Add powerful optional accessories to maximize the flexibility of your SmartScope ZIP. Options include patented SmartRing'M programmable LED illuminators, docking touch probes, rotary stages, DRS laser, and more.
Optical Gaging Products Smartscope Zip Specs
  Range mm in
ZIP 250 X axis 250 10
Y axis 150 6
Z axis 150 6
Extended X (option) X axis 300 12
Extended Z (option) Z axis 200 8
  • Measuring range (XYZ): 250 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Extended measuring range: 300 mm (X axis), 200 mm (Z axis) (optional)
  • Measuring unit dimensions (approx DWH): 735 x 635 x 810 mm, 115 kg
  • Computer dimensions (approx DWH) : 760 x 450 x 560 mm
  • Scale resolution : 0.25 pm
  • Scale resolution: 0.1 pm (optional)
  • Motor drives : DC servo with 4 axis joystick (X,Y, Z, zoom)
  • Worktable: Hardcoat anodized with fixture holes and removable stage glass, 25 kg load capacity
  • Zoom lens: 7:1 AccuCentric™ auto-calibrating (40x - 200x on-screen)
  • Lens attachment: 2x front magnification lens, field-interchangeable 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x front magnification lens(es), field-interchangeable (optional)
  • Adapter tubes: 0.67x, 2.0x
  • Accessory: Autofocus grid projector
  • Camera: 1/2"format color CCD with 768 x 494 pixel array High resolution grayscale camera (in lieu of color camera)
  • Illumination: Substage backlight (collimated), fiber optic ring light, coaxial TTL surface light Patented SmartRing LED illuminator, SmartRing Horizon I low incidence LED illuminator
  • Image processing: 256 level grayscale processing with 10:1 sub-pixel resolution
  • Hardware options: Touch probe and changing rack, DRS laser, rotary indexers, granite base workstation, color or B&W video printer