Optical Gaging Products SmartScope Zip 250

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The Optical Gaging Products SmartScope Zip 250 video measurement system sets a high standard in benchtop metrology. The OGP SmartScope Zip 250 provides fast stage speed and smooth acceleration for the short cycle times and high throughput. Its heavy duty cast base with Y axis center drive and the patented AccuCentric auto-calibrating zoom lens combine to create an extremely accurate benchtop platform.

The OGP SmartScope Zip 250 excels at video measurement and its multi-versatility provides the highest productivity, making this coordinate measurement machine ideal for a wide variety of manufacturing industries and locations. There are a variety of software options for the Optical Gaging Products SmartScope Zip 250 which include ZONE3®, Measure-X® and MeasureMind® 3D. CAD based ZONE3 metrology software offers an interface which clearly displays relationships between parts, sensors, datum alignments, and machine tooling, Measure-X metrology software is a good choice for general purpose video and multi-sensor metrology and MeasureMind 3D multi-sensor metrology software makes it easy to measure your most complex parts. Contact an Advanced Test Equipment Rentals representative for which software you need.