Pacific Instruments 8250 Transducer Conditioning Amplifier

Pacific Instruments 8250 Transducer Conditioning Amplifier
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Installed in the mainframe, the Pacific Instruments 8250 provides a complete transducer conditioning system which provides excitation, balance, calibration, amplification, and filtering for 1-, 2-, and 4-arm transducers. It can also be used with potentiometric transducers, potentiometers, thermocouples and other low-level signal sources.


  • Differential Instrumentation Amplifier
  • Isolated Excitation Power Supply
  • Automatic Bridge Balance, Remote Calibration
  • ±10 Volts Common Mode


Input 2 to 10 wire plus shield
Voltage Excitation 0.1 to 15 volts, 125 mA
Current Excitation 1 to 100 mA, 15 volts
Bridge Balance Potentiometric
Auto Balance ±12.5 mV/V
±2.5 mV/V
Calibration R-shunt, 2 bipolar steps, optional voltage substitution
Input Impedance 50 MΩ, 200 pF
Gain 1 to 2500
Linearity 0.01%
Outputs ±10 Volts, 10 mA
row 3 column 1 row 3 column 2
Bandwidth 100 kHz
Filter Bessel, 12 dB/octave: 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, Wideband
Noise 7 µV RMS
Common Mode 120 dB rejection: ±10 Volts
Monitor Terminals for excitation and output



The Mainframe provides an isolated line operated power suppy, transducer excitation, calibration and remote control interface. This mainframe also has the necessary power supplies to accommodate all transducer modules with potentiometric balance, integral amplifier, high-level outputs and common mode voltages to ±10 Volts.



  • Ten Wire Guarded Input
  • Isolated Voltage / Current Excitation
  • Voltage Substitution Calibration
  • 10 Volt, 100 mA Output Amplifier
  • Optically Isolated Remote Control
  • Triple Shielded Power Transformer

Plug-in Transducer Conditioning Modules are locked in place when installed in the mainframe. The mainframe and transducer module are a complete line operated instrument which can be used in a 10-channel rack adapter or a single channel case.