PerkinElmer LAMBDA 35 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Rent PerkinElmer LAMBDA 35 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
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PerkinElmer LAMBDA 35
Choose the PerkinElmer LAMBDA 35 for measurements on liquids, solids, pastes and powder samples, also regulatory tests requiring variable resolution. The variable bandwidth operation allows sensitive measurements with accessories such as integrating spheres and fiber-optics probes, extending the range of samples that can be analyzed.

PerkinElmer LAMBDA 35 Features:

  • True double-beam operation
  • High throughput, low stray-light optics
  • Pre-aligned deuterium and tungsten-halogen lamps
  • Widest range of accessories and consumables
  • Choice of UV WinLab software
  • Very high stability, high accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Easily passes all pharmacopoeia and regulatory performance tests
  • Quickly replaced for minimal downtime
  • Perfect for the routine analysis of liquids, powders, solids, pastes and gases
  • Select the version that best matches your analysis needs and the skill level of your operators.