Phase II SRG-4600 Portable Surface Roughness Tester / Profilometer

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The Phase II SRG-4600 is a portable roughness tester that delivers highly accurate readings via 9 popular surface roughness scales including Ra, Rq (Rms), Rt, Rz and Rmax. With an extended memory and output coupled with many updated useful functions, the Phase II SRG-4600 Surface Roughness Tester/Profilometer is clearly the new leader in ultra-accurate surface roughness/profile testing. Phase II surface roughness testers/profilometers are distinguished by a high level of accuracy, multiple parameters and simplicity of operation.

The new diamond stylus is hypersensitive and sophisticated enough to allow for a .001 (um) micron display resolution. The Phase II SRG-4600 can utilize an easy interface to allow for changes of in/mm (uin/um), cutoff length, sampling length, parameters, level of test (stylus position), digital filters and more. Surface roughness measurement results are displayed as large characters on the LCD screen for easy recognition. Battery powered portability allows the Phase II SRG-4600 surface roughness tester/profilometer to mobilize productivity throughout the shop. Further, a wireless Bluetooth auto-start comes standard with each unit. Optional Micro Printer is available, as well as optional stand and software.