Phenix Technologies 6CP30 Field and Lab AC Dielectric Test Set, 30 kV

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Rent Phenix Technologies 6CP30 Field and Lab AC Dielectric Test Set, 30 kV
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Phenix Technologies 6CP30
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6CP30 Datasheet
This portable rugged line of AC high voltage test equipment is ideally suited for use in the field or in the laboratory. The Phenix Technologies 6CP30 Field and Lab AC Dielectric Test Set, 30 kV offers a complete test system in a mobile package. The 6CP30 uses a combination control and regulator enclosure and a separate high voltage section. The system is equipped with advanced digital metering, and control and protection devices which are easy to use and provide the operator with all necessary information to safely operate the system. The Metering Guard Mode allows accurate measurements of the high voltage test specimen leakage current by bypassing stray capacitive currents. The high voltage section consists of a specially designed oil insulated high voltage transformer characterized by use of an isolating cylindrical housing mounted on a rugged steel base. The high voltage output is equipped with a corona free aluminum shielding electrode.
Phenix Technologies 6CP30 Features
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • External interlock provision
  • High voltage On/Off push buttons with indicator
  • Zero Start interlock
  • Manual control of output voltage
  • Adjustable overload circuit
  • Slow and fast-acting transient protection on all meters and relays
  • Digital timer with audible alarm
  • Digital multi range metering
  • Emergency Off push button with key lockout
  • Guard mode for accurate current measurements
  • Output overload indicator with reset switch
  • All interconnect control and power cables are included
  • Cable storage provision
  • Two copies of operation/maintenance manual
Phenix Technologies 6CP30 Specs
Input: Voltage/Current 110-120 V, 16 A
220-240 V, 8 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output: Voltage/Current ≈ 0-15 kV, 200 mA
≈ 0-30 kV, 100 mA
Duty Cycles: 5 min ON/15 min OFF 3 kVA
Duty Cycles: 15 min ON/1 hr OFF 2 kVA
Duty Cycles: 1 hr ON/1 hr OFF 1.5 kVA