Phenix Technologies LD100 Liquid Dielectric Test Set

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Phenix Technologies LD100
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LD100 Datasheet
The Phenix Technologies LD100 Liquid Dielectric Test Set operating controls are conveniently grouped on the front panel and include a large, easy-to-read digital voltmeter, on/off switch with indicator light, rate of rise selector switch, plus a start/reset switch. The test compartment is provided with a transparent cover interlocked to the test circuit with a limit switch to ensure full operating safety. The test set is semi-automatic. The liquid to be tested is placed in the test cell and then placed in the test compartment on the cradle contacts, the rate of rise is selected, the test chamber lid closed, and the switch moved to start position. The test set will automatically raise the voltage. When a breakdown of the liquid occurs, the test sample failure lamp will illuminate, and the meter will hold the breakdown voltage level.
Phenix Technologies LD100 Features
  • Center tapped high voltage transformer.
  • Safety interlock engaged when lid is open.
  • Fast acting relay ensures immediate cutout at flashover.
  • Lamp indicating AC power on.
  • Lamp indicating test sample breakdown.
  • Fuses are located on the input to the test set and on the primary of the high voltage transformer.
  • Zero start interlock
  • Memory voltmeter retains breakdown voltage.
  • The test compartment is provided with outlet for convenient plug-in of motor driven stirrer when testing to ASTM D1816 and VDE standards.
Phenix Technologies LD100 Specs
Input Voltage/Current 120 V, 5 A
230 V, 2.5 A
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz (one must be specified)
Output Voltage/Current 0-100 kV at 500 VA
Maximum Voltage to Earth 50,000V