PowerTrend 2120 AC Dropout Simulator

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Power Trend 2120 AC Dropout Simulator
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Powertrend 2120
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The Power Trend 2120 AC Dropout Simulator can generate line voltage bursts or dropouts ranging from zero to 500 cycles in length. Event periods that are integral multiples of 0.5 cycles are programmed using the preset duration switch. The switch has a usable range of 000 to 999 half-cycles. The time interval of a half-cycle is dependent upon the powerline frequency. At 60Hz the time interval is 8.33 milliseconds long. A 50Hz half-cycle is equal to 10ms.
Powertrend 2120 Specs
AC Line Voltage 90-130 Vac or 180-260 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Load Current At 115 Vac: 15 A rms
At 230 Vac: 10 A
Dropout Mode 0 to 999 half-cycles
Burst Range 1 to 999 half-cycles
Turn On/Off Delay up to 10 ms
Triggering Manual, remote or auto, 0.5 to 50 seconds
Sync Output TTL-level output pulse