Power Trend 901A Precision AC Dropout Simulator

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Power Trend 901A Precision AC Dropout Simulator
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Powertrend 901A
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901A Datasheet
PowerTrend's model 901A Precision AC Dropout Simulator was designed especially for single phase power interruption testing and power failure analysis on sensitive ac line-operated equipment. The simulator uses a crystal controlled time base capable of generating dropouts ranging from 100 microseconds up to 99.999 seconds in length. Unlike simulators employing thyristor switching techniques, all dropouts can be set to begin either at zero degrees or at random with respect to the phase angle of the line voltage waveform.
Powertrend 901A Specs
AC Line Voltage 95-130 or 190-260 Vac, 47-63 Hz single phase. Change the voltage range via rear panel line switches that are accessible to the operator.
Load Current The 901A is rated for loads up to 20 amps rms with 60A surges of 100 ms duration at 10% maximum duty cycle. It will tolerate a non-recurring 200A peak inrush for one half cycle. A minimum load current of 0.25A is recommended.
Dropout Range Interrupts are adjustable from 1.0 millisecond to 99.999 seconds in 1 ms steps, or from 0.1 ms to 9.9999 seconds in 0.1 ms steps
Accuracy The 1 MHz time-base accuracy is ± 0.01%. Load interrupts are within ± 0.05% of the Duration/MS switch setting ± 10µs, measured at the 50% voltage amplitude points, using a resistance load
Dropout Modes Random: Dropouts begin on the first 1 MHz clock edge following the manual start command.
0°: Dropouts begin on the first negative-to-positive line voltage transition following the start command
Triggering Manual: Use the Reset/Start switches or the rear panel remote input connector
Auto-triggering: Use the Rate knob to set the retriggering interval from 0.5 to 60 sec
Angular Delay An uncalibrated 10-turn control enables the operator to vary the starting angle of any 0° dropout by adding up to 25 ms of time delay with respect to the line voltage zero-cross
AC Monitor View the load waveform on an external monitor scope
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.88 x 12.68 x 10.88 in (124 x 322 x 276 mm)
Weight 9 lbs (4.1 kg)
Temp 0-40°C ambient temperature range