Proceq 100 UT TOFD Flaw Detector

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The Proceq 100 UT TOFD Flaw Detector is powered by an Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) application that delivers high performance through two channels. Those two channels make it possible to inspect thick parts in a single pass. High frequency probes can be used to get accurate defect sizes. Advanced features such as lateral wave removal and lateral wave straightening add to capability and potential of this flaw detector. Two channel TOFD inspections are performed simultaneously.

The Proceq 100 UT TOFD provides an effective user experience through its customizable screen, context sensitive workflow, shortcut keys, and grouped options for easy setup, measurement, and analysis. The click wheel on the left half of the device provides efficient navigation. The Proceq 100 UT TOFD offers technicians an extremely comprehensive measurement solution. Applications for this product include general component inspection, on-site thickness profiling, aircraft composites delamination, and corrosion mapping inspection. The most notable function exclusive to the TOFD model is the lateral wave removal functionality.