Proceq 100 UT TOFD Phased Array

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The Proceq 100 UT TOFD Phased Array brings a broad spectrum of applications that can be setup, performed and analyzed using the inbuilt wizards and user guides. This product is ideal for users wishing to learn about the phased array capabilities, or to show a sectoral scan. Users can expect a high level of performance for conventional portable flaw detection with the power of phased array. The 3D scan feature helps the Proceq 100 UT visualize the phased array beam coverage in the component.

The Proceq 100 UT TOFD Phased Array creates an efficient and positive user experience through its customizable screen, context sensitive workflow, shortcut keys, and grouped options for easy setup, measurement, and analysis. The click wheel on the left half of the device provides fast, efficient navigation. Applications for this product include general component inspection, aircraft composites delamination, on-site thickness profiling, and corrosion mapping inspection.