QRC Technologies WBT 100 Wide Band Transcorder 50 MHz - 6 GHz

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Rent QRC Technologies WBT 100 Wide Band Transcorder 50 MHz - 6 GHz
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QRC Technologies WBT 100
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WBT 100 Datasheet
The Wide Band Transcorder (WBT) is a fully self-contained RF recording and playback system. A single unit records 2 x 25 MHz width of RF spectrum selected between 50 MHz and 6 GHz. The recorded data is streamed to high-speed solid state SATA drives. The data files are an industry standard open format VRT. The recorded data can be used for selected playback or analysis.

The WBT is capable of playing back the recorded signals anywhere within the whole tuning range, with each of the two 25 MHz bandwidth channels being independently tunable, or coherently joined to provide 50MHz of recorded bandwidth. WBT can simultaneously records and retransmits spectrum in real time to a different center frequency, enabling its use as a repeater or down-converter. The WBT is one-man portable and weighs about 10 pounds and draws less than 70W of power. This makes WBT the ultimately portable RF recording and playback system.
QRC Technologies WBT 100 Features
  • Easy One-Button Record/Playback Interface
  • Man-portable Weight & Form Factor
  • 84 dB Instantaneous Dynamic Range
  • Fully Contained Solution (No External Receiver or Transmitter Needed)
  • Online Upgrade (1st Year of Upgrades Included)
  • Open File Format (VRT)
  • Power Match Record & Playback
  • Hot Swappable 2.5” Data Disks
  • Playback at any Frequency