Quarterwave Series 9100 TWT Amplifiers, 1 - 36GHz, 100W - 40kW

Rent Quarterwave Series 9100 TWT Amplifier, 1 - 36GHz, 100W - 40kW
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Quarterwave 9100
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The Quarterwave Series 9100 TWT Amplifiers have the following:


  • Frequency Range: 1 GHz - 36 GHz
  • Power: 100 W - 40 kW
  • Controls: Power On/Off, Standby, Operate, Reset
  • Computer Interface: RS232 Control & Monitor or Ethernet, RS422, RS485 or IEEE/GBIP Options
  • Display: Power, Warmup, Standby, Operate, Reset.
  • Optional Front Panel Display: Displays information presently available from external computer interface.
  • Monitor: Warmup Time, Heater Voltage, Heater Current, Bias Voltage, Drive Voltage, Collector Voltage, Collector Current, Cathode Voltage, Cathode Current, VSWR, Pulses Received, PRF Limit, PW Limit