RIDGID 22163 SeekTech SR-60 Line Locator

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The RIDGID 22163 SeekTech SR-60 Line Locator is used above ground to sense and trace electromagnetic fields emitted from underground or hidden lines (electrical conductors like metal cables and pipes) or Sondes (actively transmitting beacons). When the fields are undistorted, the information from the sensed fields gives an accurate picture of the buried object. When the situation is made complex by interference from more than one line, or other factors, the RIDGID 22163 SEEKTech SR-60 provides a display of information that shows multiple measurements of the detected field. This data can make it easier to understand where the problem is, by providing clues as to whether a locate is good or bad, questionable or reliable. Instead of just laying paint in the wrong place, the operator can see clearly when a difficult locate needs re-evaluation. The RIDGID 22163 SEEKTech SR-60 provides more of the critical information the operator needs to understand the situation underground.