Rod-L M150AC AC Hipot Tester

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Rod-L M150AC AC Hipot Tester
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Rod-L M150AC AC Hipot Tester Rod-L M150AC AC Hipot Tester
Rod-L M150AC
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M150AC Datasheet
0.5 V - 1.5 VAC, Fully Programmable UL type Hipot Tester w/IEEE 488 Interface
Rod-L M150AC Features
  • Safe, Fast, Efficient
  • Fully programmable test parameters
  • Digital display
  • Performs an AC dielectric strength (Hipot) test concurrent with a ground continuity test
  • Applies a test potential of up to 5000 VAC at 50 milliamps (user programmable )
  • Performs tests in full compliance with UL, VDE, BSI, IEC, CSA, and other test standards
IEEE-488 BUS-compatible - enables data logging during each test, and remote programming of:
  • Test Voltage
  • Test Time
  • Voltage Ramp Rate
  • Real Current Trip Point
  • Total Current Trip Point
  • Under Current Trip Point


Detects and indicates the following events:
  • Test Ready (Security Chassis Ground Sensed)
  • Test in Progress
  • Test Passed
  • Test Failed:
    • Arcing
    • Excessive Total Leakage Current
    • Excessive Resistive Leakage Current
    • Under Current
    • Lack of adequate Chassis Ground


Superior Safety Features
  • Visual and Audible alert indicating Hipot test in progress
  • Low Current Security Chassis Ground Circuit (ensures Device Under Test has ground connection of 0.5 ohms between chassis and power cord ground pin)
  • Fast HV shutdown within 2 milliseconds of HV test automatically on test failure or on command
Rod-L M150AC Specs
  • Output Test Voltage*: 100 VAC - 5K VAC
  • Output Voltage Ramp Time*: 50 V/sec to 5k V/sec
  • Total Current Trip Point*: 50 mA (maximum)
  • Real Current Trip Point*: 5 mA (maximum)
  • Under Current Trip Point*: 5 mA (maximum)
  • Test Time*: 1 sec - 100 sec
  • Shutdown Time: 2 milliseconds
  • Arc Detection: Arc duration 10µS or greater
  • Ground Continuity: Low current (1.5 Amp @ 1.5V)
  • Input Power Required: 115 / 230 VAC ± 10%, 47 - 63 Hz, 250 watts maximum
* User Programmable