Rod-L M500 Hi-Pot Tester

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Rod-L M500 Hi-Pot Tester
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Rod-L M500
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5 kV AC Hipot Tester
Rod-L M500 Features
  • Electronically controlled voltage rate-of-rise to ensure gradual, smooth and consistent rise time (eliminates harmful voltage spikes)
  • Shutdown (2ms) prevents harm to operator and protects the device under test
  • Electronic, reliable timing circuit to provide accurate, reliable test time (1 sec to 90 seconds)
  • Front panel receptacle, rated to withstand 5000 VAC, for direct plug-in of device under test of for plug-in of test fixture; provides maximum safety and dramatically reduces the time to perform the test
  • Concurrent dielectric withstand and ground continuity tests in a single operation
  • Performs all U.L., C.S.A., I.E.C., V.D.E., and E.C.C., etc. test requirements
  • Detects arcs down to 10 microseconds duration or greater
Rod-L M500 Specs
Max. Output
Max. Current Limit
100 mA 200 mA 350 mA 500 mA
1000 VAC
1500 VAC  
2800 VAC    
5000 VAC