Rohde & Schwarz EDS300 DME/Pulse Analyzer

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Rent Rohde & Schwarz EDS300 DME/Pulse Analyzer
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Rohde & Schwarz EDS300
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EDS300 Datasheet
Rohde & Schwarz EDS300 is a level and modulation analyzer designed for installing and maintaining pulsed, terrestrial navigation services. Its high sensitivity and compact design make the Rohde & Schwarz EDS300 ideal for conducting field measurements on the ground and in the air. The DME/pulse analyzer also features trigger and synchronization capabilities for easy integration into test vehicles and flight inspection systems.
Rohde & Schwarz EDS300 Features
  • High-precision measurement of DME and TACAN systems on the ground and in the air (in line with ICAO Doc. 8071, ICAO Annex 10, STANAG 5034 and MIL-STD-291C)
  • Total peak level deviation < 1 dB
  • Receiver acquisition sensitivity –97 dBm
  • 0.01 NM distance measurement uncertainty down to –80 dBm
  • 0.2° TACAN bearing deviation for input levels ≥ –80 dBm
  • Detailed automated pulse shape analysis
  • Multi-DME mode for measuring up to ten DME stations quasi-simultaneously, i.e. within 50 ms (R&S®EDS-K5)
  • Synchronization via GPS, trigger and remote interfaces
  • Measurement functions for regular verification of pulsed navigation signals
  • Expanded functionality and adaptation using hardware and software options
  • User-friendly design and application-specific extras