Rohde & Schwarz FSUP Signal Source Analyzer 10 MHz - 50 GHz

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Rent Rohde & Schwarz FSUP Signal Source Analyzer 10 MHz - 50 GHz
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Rohde & Schwarz FSUP
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FSUP Datasheet
One of the primary tasks in developing transmit and receive modules is to measure oscillator phase noise. This is necessary not only in the development and production of state-of-the-art communications and broadcast systems, but also in special high-tech applications such as radar. Apart from phase noise, other parameters that need to be measured when characterizing oscillators include tuning slope, transient response, power, harmonics and spurious emissions. Amplifier noise is of significant interest as well. All of these measurements can be carried out with the R&S FSUP, the only signal source analyzer that covers the frequencies up to the microwave range in a single box. The R&S FSUP also features very-low-noise DC sources to enable a wide range of measurements. The unique combination of a phase noise tester with low- noise DC sources and a spectrum and signal analyzer in a single box enables simple, cost-optimized test setups for development and production.
Rohde & Schwarz FSUP Features
  • Frequency range up to 8 GHz, 26.5 GHz or 50 GHz (up to 110 GHz with external mixers)
  • Maximum dynamic range through cross-correlation
  • Analysis of settling in time domain
  • Oscillator characterization
  • Detection, suppression and listing of interference
  • Maximum flexibility for phase noise measurements
  • Low-noise source for supply and tuning voltages
  • Analysis of signals with digital and analog modulation